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How Good Care Positively Affects Child Development

Young children are highly dependent on adults, particularly their parents, in terms of their emotional, social, and physical growth. What is more, they are highly sensitive to their carer's behaviour, making them more vulnerable to stressful family environment. These premises are supported by numerous studies, which observe how the quality of care received by babies and kids affect their development.

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One noteworthy research to cite is Claire Ainsworth's article "You Are What You Eat," published in New Scientist (September 2000), which has observed that an embryo sets the rate of its growth within four to five days after implantation according to its environment. It concluded that the diet of a mother a few days after conception determines the health of her child from birth to life.

Another significant reference is Meredith F. Small's book "Kids: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Raise Our Children," which provided concrete evidence how anxieties in childhood shapes the stress-pattern that children will carry forward to adulthood. It emphasised how a person's early experiences can permanently alter his hormonal response to stressful situations.

Now given these, we need to set a positive environment for kids to grow emotionally and physically healthy. You as a parent can start it here at Daisy Chain Day Care Nursery.

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