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The Local Offer



Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The purpose of the ‘Local Offer’ is to enable families to be able to see what support they would receive from our setting. It clearly states what we already have in place and how we value each child as an individual.

How does Daisy Chain know if a child may need extra support?

The staff at Daisy Chain regularly observe and monitor each child’s progress and development, ensuring that they encourage the children to meet their individual Next Steps that are set to them by their ‘key person’. The age bracket of each area of the child’s development is plotted onto a ‘progress wheel’ and from this; your child’s key worker can assess the stage that they are at.

How does Daisy Chain include parents/carers in their child’s education?

From the very first day that your child starts at Daisy Chain we encourage parents/carers and families to be involved in the nursery. You will be invited to come to the nursery prior to your child starting date to share information regarding your child and as well as this, we hold regular parents evenings where you have the opportunity to discuss your child’s development and progress with your child’s key worker. We encourage you to speak to a staff member if you have any concerns at any time.

In what way is my child’s development recorded?

Each child has their own Learning Journey, which both they and you have access to at any time. The children stick their own items and drawings into the books and you as a Parent or Carer are encouraged to give the key worker feedback on your child’s development by writing in the designated places within the book whilst at Daisy Chain. Each child’s Next Step’s Sheet is in their Learning Journey Book and the key worker ensures they work alongside your child to encourage them to meet their Next Steps for the coming term. You as a parent/Carer are involved in this, and are invited to have a copy if you wish to work on the Next Steps with your child at home.

How is your building designed to accommodate my child if they need extra support?

Daisy Chain has been designed to accommodate children with special needs; we have a ramp leading to our double door entrance to allow wheelchair access. We have a disabled toilet with the appropriate facilities as well as a wide and varied range of equipment to enable us to offer all children the same learning opportunities. We have a purpose built sensory area in our outside Den, ‘Glenn’s Den’ where we can offer a range of equipment to promote sensory development as well as offer a quiet area for all ages of the children within our care.

How does Daisy Chain support each individual child emotionally and socially?

Daisy Chain is an inclusive nursery that provides a safe and encouraging environment in which children can thrive and develop. We offer activities that promote their gross and fine motor skills both inside and in the outside area as well as the sensory room. We adapt our daily and weekly plans to accommodate the needs of children showing our ability to adapt activities when necessary. We encourage children to play alongside others to promote sharing and communication between all age groups. Where necessary, children will be given 1:1 involvement with a member of staff and individual plans will be written for them, in order to encourage them to develop.


‘A child has a special educational need if they have a learning difficulty, which calls for special educational provision to be made for them. A child has a learning difficulty if they have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children the same age’


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Extracts from our testimonials...
“Our child has attended Daisy Chain for a year and a half and is keen to get there every morning. We are pleased with the nursery assistance which has contributed to our child being social, happy and well balanced.”

Lynn, Goldhanger