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Manager: Kim Callaghan
Proprietor: Julie Hall
Open: Mon-Fri 7am - 6pm
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Parent Information



Daisy Chain prides itself on having a good open relationship with the families that are registered at the nursery.

Practitioners take time to get to know your child by spending time with them and allowing your input to communicate your child’s needs, their likes and dislikes, which allows us to treat each child individually and cater their day around them. They will have a range of opportunities throughout the day to allow them to develop naturally whilst playing and having the educational input specifically for their needs.

We hold a Parents Evening each term which gives you an opportunity to come along and chat to your child’s key person as well as taking a look at your child’s room and all the lovely activities they participate in during the day.

You will receive a weekly newsletter each Friday, which informs you of our upcoming activity week, a summary of the week, general news and also includes our weekly menu and other information.

We interact on Facebook regularly www.facebook.com/Little.Daisies and also have a private, closed Facebook group that you can access once registered where we share information and photographs of some of the fun we have.

Our Activity Weeks are informative and fun for the children and we plan activities within each room linked to the following zones:

Quiet Zone
Construction Zone
Maths Zone
Creative Zone
Role Play Zone
Outdoors Zone

Each of our zones has a range of activities and equipment that link to the area of development and this is added to weekly to link back to our Activity Week.

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Extracts from our testimonials...
“My girls love Daisy Chain! The staff are so friendly and welcoming. I would recommend every time.”

Kate, Latchingdon